Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Clinic from 27th August 2015, New Delhi
Sambodhi, through the last decade, has carved a niche in areas of research, monitoring end evaluation and capacity building. Our strength lies in providing real-time insights for data-driven decision making and generating on-ground evidence to inform policy. Building on our diverse background, we have worked across sectors viz. Health and Nutrition, Poverty and Livelihood, Energy and Environment and BoP Infrastructure & Services. We have helped catalyse impact through cutting-edge research, monitoring and evaluation and capacity building solutions.
Monitoring & Evaluation of Development Interventions from 16 to 18 September 2015, Dhaka
  • Health and Nutrition

    Achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of improving Health and Nutrition of mother and children is an uphill task for most developing countries. To achieve this and to create high impact, it is essential to have effective service delivery mechanisms that enable delivery of scalable and sustainable health solutions.

    Sambodhi, through the last decade, has worked extensively to generate rigorous evidence to catalyse on-ground impact for improved health and nutrition outcomes through its products and services. In terms of geography we have worked widely across India and South Asia. Besides, we have also provided capacity building support to organisations across West Asia and Africa. 


  • Poverty and Livelihood

    Despite economic growth, poverty remains an unfortunate reality. In order to eradicate poverty, it is important to enhance effectiveness of poverty reduction and livelihood programmes and create opportunities to help enable vulnerable communities to build capacities and skills.

    In line with the idea, Sambodhi works extensively with rural and tribal development projects to generate evidence and help enhance efficacy of poverty reduction and livelihood programmes through impact evaluations, economic analysis, value chain studies and long-term technical assistance. 


  • Energy and Environment

    Meeting the energy demand by balancing environment priorities is one of the foremost challenges the world faces today. The emphasis is on developing strategies which include adoption of renewable energy sources.

    Sambodhi specialises in providing state-of-the-art research and MLE support to not only generate on-ground evidence but also assess the business case of the intervention. Besides being involved in several impact assessments and consultancy projects, Sambodhi is currently involved in providing long term MLE support to a large scale decentralized rural energy initiative. 


  • bop-infrastructure-and-services


    Wealth lies at the bottom of pyramid is not only a statement today. It is a reality. “Bottom of the Pyramid” defines the infinite possibility of providing market-based solutions focusing on poor. 

    Sambodhi has conducted customised analytical research, scoping and formative studies, impact assessments and concurrent monitoring studies to help evidence and enhance efficacy of BoP infrastructure and services in the areas of microfinance, affordable housing, water and sanitation services and sustainable health care solutions.