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An exponentially growing primary database, that generate year-on-year intelligence on consumer behavioral and usage patterns through nation-wide multisectoral studies.

Collect data (from more than 23000 households across 6 zones and 29 states), that grows year-on-year and transformatively amplifies the statistical power of analysis.
Track fast-moving indicators like access to products and services, technology usage, behavior change etc. with need-based frequency.
Gather YoY data that allows the rare chance to compare large datasets side to side to understand YoY trends, differences,and anomalies.


A radically innovative analytical platform powered by the architecture and the ever-growing database of Omniport.

Get transformative solutions:

Deep-dive into significant fluctuations.
Use insights to inform action.
Make accurate predictions.

Access a wide variety of applications:

Remote sensing and GIS studies.
Forecasting cashflows and consumer demands.
Analyzing services access trend and predicting supply response to demand patterns.

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Multisectoral Primary Database

Sectoral Reports

Syndicated Research

Query-enabled Interactive Dashboard

Consumer Experience Maps

Demand Pattern Analysis

Trend Analysis

Data Modeling

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